Thursday, January 5, 2012

mail to myself

once in a while i have an opportunity to make an envelope for myself. this time, i had a lovely client who had me address her holiday envelopes and i enclosed this SASE with the bill. it is nothing new or different, but, i have a ton of new work coming up and thought you wouldn't mind a bit of a repeat.

seriously, if you think you are getting gypped, please leave a whiny comment. i don't have teenagers any more and i feel like it might be fun to hear a complaint, just for old times sake.


  1. If people feel they are being ripped off, they seriously need to attempt to do it themselves....sheesh, you PAY for art. Guess in this steal my photos, words, and thoughts world people forget that?

  2. thanks for making that point.. and not whining :-) i do get a lot of thank-yous from my readers, so i do feel the readers are appreciative.