Monday, January 9, 2012

kathy scribble

channeling the abstract expressionists and remembering jean's admonition:
when in doubt - scribble
kathy turns out another fun envelope.

although, she did ignore me when i said to leave the zip code on the line with the address, if it will fit. she's a bit of a rebel which is why we get along. i love to toss out *rules* but there are very few that i actually enforce.  which makes me wonder, which rules do i consider commandments. yikes. that is a good question and not a single commandment comes to mind.

i guess i do have one, but the last time i uttered it aloud in class, one student said, "i know you said to never do this, so, i just had to try it to see if you were right." and that made me vow to never utter it again. i have to think of some subtle way to keep people from doing it. are you dying of curiosity? i will let my students speak up. i am sure there are some people who know what it is and will post it in the comment section.

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