Monday, January 16, 2012

collaboration - civil rights

i really like the JEAN on this one. if you only saw this one and not the other 50, you might not see the JEAN, but it really works within the group.

i drew left and right margins, straight down from the stamp. then i made the middle line rather tall to mimic that lower part of the stamp.

i like fitting addressed into blocks that reflect the shape of the stamp. it usually works unless you have some crazy long address. suburbs are using such crazy long names for their streets. somebody should have passed a federal law limiting the length of names of streets. 


  1. Hmm... I'm usually really good at solving puzzles but I confess that I cannot see "JEAN" here at all. Is there a trick to looking at this? :)

  2. you need to imagine a loop on the top of the e, and a loop on the bottom of the a, and a straight vertical line on the left edge of the n. there is not information to *read* the name, but, if it comes to your mailbox, you can *see* how it represents your name. now i know how to address my next envelope to you :-)

  3. it was a modified akin...jan 9 shows another of jean's teaching challenges is to explore the minimum mark required to create an understandable letter

    jean, the address is peerless

  4. that would be akim