Thursday, January 5, 2012


these two were in the stack of unfinished. i was playing with the glaze pens, which i love. and then, before i finished them, ellen and colin decided to move to a different hemisphere and live in smaller quarters, so, now, instead of sending them real mail, i think i might set up a new blog so they can open mail from me every day.

if they tell me that they like receiving actual mail, i might mail them actual mail, but not the artsy kind that is hard to throw away.
i like that loopy script with the butterfly.

i like the vine on the bottom envelope and it had no name for a while. i added the colin's wife to make it a set with the other one, but, i don't think it is entirely successful. maybe i would like it better with a stamp.

ooops. i am lining up a bunch of posts for the entire month of january and just noticed that the ellen envelope was already on the blog, nov 27th, but i am going to leave these up for now and add a second post for today.

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