Thursday, January 26, 2012

ccc mellisa or melissa

i bet that is supposed to be melissa. i will have an improved one if she signs up for the workshop. and that S in street is dreadful. i will fix that, too. this is a new alphabet that i have never tried before. we might spend a few minutes discussing (or debating) the quirky styles that are so popular these days.

or we can start the debate right now.
comments, anyone?


  1. Hi Jean! I like your quirky styles... And this one is really whimsical! What did you use to create the letters (writing instrument(s))?

  2. i used a G-Tec pen. they are made by pilot, but i have never seen them for sale in the stores. i get mind from John Neal Bookseller. they are very fine and to make the thick part of the stroke, i go back and make a double stroke and then fill it in with little zig-zaggy lines. it sounds like a lot of work, but, it goes really fast if you practice a little. and if you like the whimsical, quirkiness of it, you will be happy to know that it comes out better if you are not trying to be very exact. as you go along you keep readjusting sizes and shapes and slants. so, your inconsistency is what ends up being *cute*

    thanks for the comment.