Sunday, January 15, 2012

collaboration - airplane

it was difficult deciding where to put the address because there is a soft pencil shade behind the name and while it was not hard to decide to add to kathy's artwork, i could not bring myself to write over the top of any of her work. so, i'm not sure this is the best place for an address. fur shur, if you are mailing an envelope, do not put the address in the upper right corner. it could go through the machines and be obliterated.

so, there is nothing to learn about design from this one.  the lesson to be learned on this one is to be inspired by the details on the stamp but not be a slave to them. the little lines on the letters are inspired by the detail on the airplane, but, she did not try to make each letter into a section of the wing. that would have been fine. but, it would have been a lot more work. sometimes you need to just take the easy route. remember she made over 50 envelopes when she was working on these and that is a lot of ideas to conjure up.

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