Friday, January 13, 2012

collaboration - cassatt

i found several envelopes from kathy that she made for me and mailed over 50 at once, in a box, so she did not think she needed the street address. but, they seemed so naked, so i added the addresses in pencil and i will use these as tips in how to decide where to put addresses.

this one was fun to do because the lettering on the stamp had a lot of space between the letters. so that inspired the spaced-out lettering in the address. the lettering on the stamp is also positioned away from the image, so i dropped the address down on the envelope. if i had done the address in ink, i would have written IOWA, in red ink to mimic the red USA on the stamp.

the best part of this envelope is on the flap. kathy mentioned the first time she attended one of our guild programs and credits me with giving her the love of letters. i would be happy to have that much power over kathy. however, i suspect she was always interested in art and had been absorbing all kinds of aesthetic images over the years and all i really did was point to something that we see every day that we tend to ignore. but, once it is pointed out that the letters are beautiful malleable symbols and they can be used for artistic expression, a person can suddenly fall in love with the alphabet.

back to the envelope, i should have spaced the address a little better. i should have done it once in pencil along the edge of a different piece of paper and then held that up to the envelope as a straight edge and adjusted it so that the spacing was even. it should have stretched further to the right so that it was the same length as wilson. when i have time, i will correct that.

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