Tuesday, January 3, 2012

j&j at iampeth

for those of you who do not know, iampeth is the organization for people who love penmanship. it is the international association of master penman, engrossers and teachers of handwriting. jeri, whose work you have seen on the blog and i met 10 years ago and someone kindly took a picture of us. and then jeri found the picture recently and made this cute card. note the tiny little border around the photo.

her envelope is another one from her signature style of - line things up and balance them, only without being compulsive. clearly, jeri is very well balanced and we all wish she would start a blog about how to be more balanced. step one is probably - move to iowa city.


  1. it appears that you have me mesmerized!

  2. or maybe the fumes from my sharpie markers were getting to you?