Wednesday, January 18, 2012

collaboration fish

you really need to see this one in person to appreciate how nice it is.

rather than fit the address in a box, i liked drawing a line straight down from the left edge of the stamp and doing a flush left address.

if i had put the stamp on, i would have lined up the left edge of the stamp with the left edge of the N. the space between the stamp and the name is good. but, i am of the grid-school of design, so i always line things up. it probably isn't necessary, but, it works for me. if kathy had done the address, she might have done it in a way that her stamp placement would have been perfect for her. remember, this was not an intended collaboration, it was an after the fact collaboration. goodness, i wish i could video tape myself during collaborations. it is fascinating how people negotiate spacing, etc when they are working together on a project.

i wonder if kathy remembers the medium on this one? it's so pretty... looks like something other than markers.


  1. it has been a while, i think i laid down the colors using a few copic sketch markers, probably using a stencil, then blended with the pointed end of a colorless blender...holding the pointed end down created the pools within the letters...i really like the blenders but in NM they dry out very quickly...

    looking at it now, i see the placement of the stamp justified to the n would be more pleasing

    for me, the lessons learned from this collaboration are fantastic

  2. thank you for commenting. i have not used copics with the colorless blender, but, have heard they are really nice.

  3. Great blog, Jean! I'm mailing my registration ToDaY!! I am delighted that you'll be with us again in Wisconsin. I've gotten into vintage unused postage stamps and have a collection of seriously cool airmail envelopes and stickers. Also scored an airmail rubber stamp on ebay. Is it fun? Is it a sickness? It's both!! See you in March.