Tuesday, September 13, 2011

nan's postcard

this just in. nan sent a fun post card done in gel pen on purple. fur shur, this purple is the best color with that stamp. i have struggled with good designs to go with the celebrate stamp. thank you nan. and i saw the comment on the scribble book. i need to go back and copy and paste it into a new post so everyone sees it. i don't think the readers take time to go back and check the comments section. one of the new features on blogspot is that the comments all pop up at once for me, so i can see if i get new ones.

thanks, nan, for the fun mail...


  1. Hi jean~ thanks for sharing all your amazing art as well as that of those from whom you receive mail art! What an inspiration!
    Are you part of an envelope/postcard exchange? I used to participate in some of them and loved not only receiving great artwork through the mail but also feeling like I was creating for something other than my journal. I'm not sure if they exist any more or where to find them. Any thoughts??

  2. hi molly. i'm glad you found the blog. yes, there is a yahoo group for envelope exchangers.

    after you join the group, you click on the [Database] button on the left, then click on Current Exchanges and you find which exchanges you might want to join. There is an email address for the person who organizes the exchanges and she can answer questions.

    and i will be happy to answer questions, too. feel free to email me at jmwilson411@yahoo.com

  3. thanks so much, jean! i've signed up and will look into the next exchange!