Friday, September 30, 2011


i am still trying to figure out how to compose the blog posts. also learning how to borrow photos from other people. this was snapped by mimi in chicago, i think. i have no idea if she follows the blog on a daily basis. her caption under this photo was *who knew?*  you can say that again. actually, there is a feature length movie about the postal police.

and here is an envelope. i am cleaning out my stash of downloads. i do not recall where this came from. it is fun. i don't think it has been in a previous post.

the name of the file is *off with her head*

it looks like cut paper. or maybe computer art. the idea of a scene with the stamp sitting on top of something is an idea that could go in many directions. (a polite way of saying that it is a highly steal-able idea.)

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