Wednesday, September 28, 2011

james is 1

here is the envelope that went with the invitation to my neice's baby's first birthday. christy was the person who was away at college when i had my original idea to make a lot of fun envelopes. and the rest is history. so, she wanted a transportation theme for the party. she thought i might design an invitation from scratch, but i suggested the internet and she found a lot of cute invitations as well as this stamp.

i did a second set of envelopes for the thank yous and i made the last letter in the name big and told her to put the stamp in the upper left corner, so that the guests would have a set....coming and going....

the white line on the road is gel pen over the top of zig marker.


  1. seeing this on the screen, i can see that i should have put vertical black lines over the yellow in the W. and i think the W should have been a little larger. and the wheels need to be larger.

  2. tami posted a comment on the sept 23rd card and envelope that tells how she did her card. she did one original, had a rubber stamp made and then stamped the image. thanks for commenting, tami.