Friday, September 2, 2011

from jackie

jackie found some scans on her computer and sent them. the first one was a couple days ago. this is what she had to say about this one.
about the bamboo style - very much inspired by your wonderful neuland lettering. made with a folded ruling pen on strathmore 300 which causes the gouache to separate/granulate in an aesthetically pleasing way. obviously, i am hoping you'll get out that blur tool for his address, but if you can't, a slip of paper will be just fine.

i can only blur on one computer and i don't know how to upload scans to that computer. i can only put in a piece of paper if i am the one originating the scan. so, i put in an orange bar. i can do that on picasa

now...the biggest issue of all. i am on the verge of using up my free space on picasa which is where i store all my scans. so, i have to figure out how to continue my blog. i guess i could pay google for more space. but that goes against my grain.


  1. a panda would have been cute on there!! tee hee!!!

  2. this envelope marked the end of an era for me - it was the last piece of my mail art that was made to be mailed, and which was actually mailed. of course i've sent letters since, but those all purely utilitarian, done in pre-jean scrawl. that's funny what i said about the slip of paper - envelopes, even when scanned, have a real physical presence for me. i must have visualized jean pulling it out of the computer when it got there.

  3. funny you should mention pandas, rena. . .
    my daughter has a panda hat. she wears it everywhere. it's pretty adorable. of course now i want one, too, but i'll content myself with a hello kitty hat.