Tuesday, September 27, 2011

john ericson

a trip down memory lane. this letter came from a kid who had spent a fair amount of time at my house. he was a freshman in college and wrote a letter and sent a decorated envelope. he's bounced around and the last i heard he was in nyc. so, maybe my nyc penpals will run into him one of these days. he mentions skating in the letter. the kids were into roller blading and flying through the air. i always had food in my fridge, so they would stop in when they were hungry. i'd leave paper and pens around and noticed that most of them were very artistic. i've read that sports can be a very right-brained activity, just as art is, so, it was fun to notice that the skaters were also artsy.

the post below popped up earlier today. i forgot that it did not have an envelope, so, here is a good one to add in at this time, as it is from a friend of my son's.

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