Tuesday, September 13, 2011


this envelope is out-of-the-box compared to all the other envelopes on the blog in that it is metered and it has a mailing label. i think there has only been one other envelope with a metered mark instead of a stamp. and i can't think of any with a printed mailing label...but carolina deserves to be on the blog because she is an amazing designer. the white card is a holiday card and when you open it, a larger photo is revealed showing carolina and her husband on either side of baby evia.

her letterpress company is modern letterpress and you may see some wonderful examples of nan's calligraphy on her website listed below. there are a couple samples of my work. once in a while, carolina has a client who wants tiny little printing, so, i get those jobs because nan *won't* print. :-)

and here is nan's website. i am going to try to insert an actual link because i am trying to learn all the different buttons on blogger.


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