Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mary lou powers

this has to be in the top ten of all the cards i have received. first, mary lou has spectacular lettering skills. the front of the card is a subtle pencil cobweb with BOO written in. the inside of the card is a very nice piece of cutwork with more of that super tall skinny blackletter. i keep forgetting to ask her if she uses a ruler or if she can pull strokes that straight by just concentrating. then, there is the fun note. she used the cut outs from the card and adhered them to the note. the note is charming as it explains she misplaced her list of birthdays and was supposed to have sent me a birthday card in april. this was back in the day that we had a thriving calligraphy guild and we would make sure that every member received a birthday card. over the years, we had about 30 members who moved away and no longer attended programs or workshops, but they would continue to pay $15 per year to receive three newsletters and a birthday card. members would sign up to participate in the making of cards and each person would do 7-10. it was a great way to practice making cards. i love her spooky writing on the note. thanks again mary lou....

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