Wednesday, September 14, 2011

holiday ideas

the local group of penmanship aficionados met on saturday and there was a request for holiday cards. so, i dug into my stacks and found some old ones. this one was a valentine, but the idea would suit any holiday. trapezoids are a good way to use up left over paper that is not large enough to make a card that fits the envelope exactly.

also, note on the inside, the torn paper with the greeting. if you are a beginner and you are practicing, but then freeze up when you are working on your good paper, this is a way to salvage some good phrases off your practice pages and layer them onto the good paper.

this is from master card-maker peggy larson of fort dodge iowa. i really appreciate that rose ann requested cards. it was fun to flip through my box of keepsakes. there will be 20-30 over the next few weeks.

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