Friday, September 16, 2011

jeri hobart nee wilson

jeri was an original wilson. i'm just a wannabee by marriage. anyhow, she sent this recently. lovely. and i like the little o-matic inside the loop of the j. it is a reference to the jean-o-matic 3000, which is a very low-tech device for writing in straight lines on your envelopes. one of these days i will shoot a video that demonstrates how it works.

the new blogger system has a little button that looks like the chalkboard clapper thingy they use in the making of movies and i even own a flip, i really do intend to make videos. and with my 85 year old mother who has an iMac and knows how to stream netflix, i think she'll be more than adequate as the videographer.

also, note that jeri is able to put the exact amount on the envelopes and keep the color scheme in order. she must have a disturbing number of stamps. maybe i will take the flip cam on a trip and visit my penpals and film their work spaces and stamp stashes. that would be fun.

below is the first post of the day. i thought i could present an idea and just tell you to translate it to an envelope, but, when i opened it this morning, there was no postage stamp, so it looked empty. this is the oct 1st blog entry, that i am bumping forward.

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