Sunday, September 11, 2011


ok. this is a mess. and not a good mess. but, those of you who frown on criticism will just have to accept that overlapping red and blue is tricky. and if your writing is going to be sloppy, it either has to be so sloppy, it becomes artful scribbling. or, it needs to be sloppy within something not-sloppy. which is hard to explain in words. can you hear the panic in my words? i have only one post left in the line-up. i have not resolved my storage issue with blogger. i do not know if the scanner is still being temperamental. i feel like i am tied to the railroad tracks in a silent movie....stay tooned (yes, it is an intentional spelling, notice i say intentional spelling and not mis-spelling, because there is no such thing as mis-spelling, it is all a matter of how creative are you and i really need to find the clip of the lady in congress who launched into an impassioned plea for the government to try to inspire people to write more letters because that would save the post office but i digress even though i do like the idea of writing this sentence all day instead of doing the things that must be done many of which are to help my mom and while i am trying to help her, she spends a fair amount of time worrying about the post office going broke and then i will be out of a job and then we will not be able to afford our elegant ladies-who-lunch outings at taco john's and now i regret typing that because i have been vigilant about this blog being about envelopes only and i try to refrain from all that personal babble that people put on their blogs which is why i'm actually stopping now....actually, i am stopping because my purpose in life is to post to this blog, faithfully, every day and i received two pieces of mail this week !!!! thank, back to my purpose and new be lined up....thank you for listening. must have needed to off load some babble.

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