Wednesday, July 27, 2011

yippee...the contest winners are posted

this is one of the kid's entries. the washington calligraphers guild has a yearly contest called the graceful envelope.
my penpal, nan, is a honorable mention. jeri, who has envelopes posted on this blog is a winner. if you go to the website, you can look at lots of fun envelopes.

i have not entered in a while. but, i love seeing the entries every year and am always happy to see my penpals' work. i wish i knew how old this artist is. his name is Bucky Kaiser. maybe i can find him on facebook.


  1. Cannot wait to find out 2012 theme...going to encourage my 8 year old granddaughter to enter. Learning script!

  2. yes! i thought several of the ideas that the kids had were very clever.

  3. Congrats to Jeri & Nan - beautiful work!