Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mess in progress

i had a few minutes to try to organize piles of mail and found letters from penpals nancy g and carol db...and tried to write thank yous. some days, i just make a mess. so, i scribbled and made it worse. then i put stamp edges over the top. not sure where it will go from here. just want you all to know that not everything i do turns out beautifully. and not everything i do is salvageable. if i figure out a fix for this, i'll post it.


  1. Pretty stamps! Are they old ones, or are they available now - if you know where to look?

  2. there are stamps stores that sell old stamps for face value. they come from collections that they buy from estates. and then, there are places online that sell vintage stamps for a lot more than face value. my local stamp and coin collecting store always has a nice selection. it is in des moines. at a half million in population, i am guessing other cities and town with at least a half million people have stamp stores that sell vintage stamps for face value.

  3. and thank you for the suggestion of gesso. i do have gesso on hand. to restrain myself from putting too many hours into an envelope. but, i like the idea.