Wednesday, July 27, 2011


yes, we need to celebrate that i finally found an envelope idea (that i like) to go with this stamp. tomorrow there will be one that is OK..the one that led to this one. and there are issues with this one. the first issue was the N, the bottom point was too curved. i fattened up the line. then fattened up some other lines, but not enough to make it look right, i'm going to let it go because it is for a birthday and it needs to get in the mail. but, i do need to do a tutorial on how to do these letters.

i took the smallest detail from the stamp and featured it. that's probably why i am liking this one better than some of the others. i took the little rays shooting out of the tiny Os and used them. i also used pastel colors rather than bright colors, which is counter-intuitive. but, i like it better than bright colors.

i need to dig out the gel markers and some black paper.


  1. Jean...have to thank you for the years of inspiration. Entered my first Graceful Envelope contest and got honorable mention. Some beauties there this year. And know you have been a 'winner' in the past.


  2. how exciting...i have to add a post today...thanks for the link