Thursday, July 7, 2011

james' mom wants blocks

james' mom thought that blocks would be fun and she sent me a photo of some blocks to run the idea past me. she does not want it to take too much time. so, here are really fast blocks. i'm not crazy about them, they could be boxes. and it is a huge problem to find a stamp that goes with a theme. if you can't find the theme, you have to find really good colors. i went for colors here and subject matter that would appeal to james, but, i really do not like the mix of blocks and back to the drawing board.

i really do prefer to start with a stamp....


  1. if you are reading this, MOJ (mom of james), we have to either find vintage stamps or use current stamps. i only had one of these stamps, and used it to post the first draft of blocky letters.


    cutest mug ever

  3. MOJ is reading it. I love the blocks idea, and I think we could definitely make it work, but I understand the issue with the stamps. Perhaps the turtle theme is better for this shower? Any stamps that might work with that? Or we could do the LOVE stamps and just stick with the colors theme...

    By the way, I received the other envelope in the mail today - amazing it was delivered without our actual home address listed. Unfortunately, the post office put a big question mark on the envelope. It's actually kinda funny - let me know if you want me to scan it to you for a post on how the post office alters the look of a beautiful envelope...

  4. what??? i forgot to put the street address on it?
    that's odd. i remember looking it up. maybe someone slipped a trick pen, with disappearing ink, into my stash of pens....
    but...props to the p.o. for going the extra mile on delivering mail without street addresses. i doubt they would have delivered a boring envelope without an address, they probably went the extra mile because they knew it would be a welcomed piece of mail.