Thursday, July 28, 2011

gel markers - r.i.p.

my gel markers are mostly dried up. i won't let myself replace them until i have all my other chores done. so it might be *never* before i get them. but, if you are a marker junkie, you should get gel markers. they are so cool. i'm happy with how this one turned out. i'm surprised that i have had more than one idea i like with the celebrate stamps. the next decision will be if i allow myself to buy another sheet of them.


  1. Do you have a brand of gel markers that you recommend?

  2. i think the only brand i've ever had are the inexpensive sanfords from office max. they were a lot of fun. someone gave me a couple galaxy markers, and they were fine. i actually have not seen them on the shelf, so, i don't even know if they make them any more. i'll try to remember to look. thanks for commenting :-)