Tuesday, July 5, 2011

skip's birthday

nothing special about the lettering or layout on the envelope. i chose the stamps because he says there is going to be enough snow left in tahoe to ski on the 4th of july. i did not block out his address because his birthday is the 10th of july and i figured some of you might want to drop a card in the mail. if you do...then you can send me an email and i will tell you what it says on the inside of the greeting card. clearly...there is somebody who works for hallmark who has an offspring who lives the ski-life. it's a classic. or you can just go to the hallmark store and look for the card. i should change the illustration of the guy and have him holding skis. correction...i will change the illustration. best way to do that is cut out what you need from a strip of Post-It tape. if you did not know, you need to know...they sell Post-It tape that is white and about an inch wide. it is really handy for all kinds of things...especially tailoring greeting cards. i'll try to remember to scan the doctored version.

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