Wednesday, July 13, 2011


i did this one while i was waiting for a client to arrive. i just redrew the general shapes on the garden of love stamps and colored in with pale colored pencils. not sure where i will put the address. i just stuck that one on to see how a block of white would look. i am using this to mail a different piece of mail that is a little too non-conforming to go through the mail. and i still don't have a design that i like with the leaf stamp. but, i am having fun trying out different ideas


  1. What used the teal-y green-ish color of the back ground in your stamp, and wrote it in ONE long wavy line? separating the lines with a flower, ex; Joan Rivers *insert flower* 324 Golden Brick Way *insert flower* you get the idea...Just a thought. =)

  2. You are a mind reader Rena. That is exactly what I did :-) And then I popped it in the mail before is did another scan...maybe i'll do another envelope like this.... thanks for the suggestion.