Monday, July 4, 2011


here is another possibility for a baby shower envelope. NOT. ok...i did say i would have another idea in a couple days. these stamps might work for a baby shower. but not the lettering. it takes too much time. i just did this one because kennedy's mom posted on facebook that she was wishing she would get some mail from ellen's mom. so, i made this for her daughter. it is also a sample of a way to letter that is too hard to explain in one post. but, my current students will appreciate having a sample. basically, you draw rectangles and then you put in the least amount of information to turn the rectangle into a letter. it's pretty simple to do...but easier if you have an example.

the decorations on the D and the Y are too similar. i picked up designs from the detail on the stamp. i was being too literal with them and not getting anywhere. i had to just choose colors and the idea of concentric circles and wavy lines.

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  1. after i filled in her street address i added a fine line around the zip code. but i did not rescan it.