Friday, July 29, 2011


i already posted the evergreen envelope from chuck. so, here is the one i have been working on to send to chuck. i see him once a month at the *letterhead* gathering in wes des moines. you are all welcome to join us. email me for directions. anyhow, every month, i see his new work and think...gee, i should do something like that. so, i had a great opportunity to sit and draw lines, waiting in a clinic waiting room. unfortunately, the vibes in clinics are not artsy. so, the first thing i did was not stay on the lines and had that droopy part of the C. but did i stop and get a new sheet of paper? no i didn't. i went right ahead and wasted two hours on something with a booboo. and then a couple days later, i went back and made another booboo, when i wrote his last name. so i added the stick figure. i will probably just put one stamp on the envelope and hand it to him.

you need to click on the image to see the details. and...i used an .o1 rapidograph.

i just clicked on the image...and the pencil drawing of a man holding up the droopy line does not show up at all. so i will have to ink it in and rescan it.

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