Sunday, July 17, 2011

first letter

ok, technically not an envelope. it was the letter in friday' envelope. i wonder if i wanted a stuffed animal...but said *soft toy* because i did not know how to spell stuffed and animal. i still reword my writing to avoid words i can't spell. unless i am on a computer with spellcheck.

my favorite part of the letter is how i was already into flourishing. that tail on the n in my name clearly wants to be a flourish. yes, i insisted on learning cursive as soon as i could. i also love the way f is squished down, t drops down, k is confused, and a has a tail. if i was 4, it really isn't that good. i would have expected to be much better by then. but, i think i was more interested in writing cursive.

i'll try to post a bonus post today that has an envelope.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how FUN to find such a treasure from your childhood. I have really enjoyed the few things that I have found from my own childhood. Who would have known how precious these early writings would be. I have part of an old Father's Day card on my blog - posted quite some time ago.

    Enjoy your interesting find and memories!