Wednesday, August 14, 2019

PO display - Lena/Kelly

The main PO invited me to put up a display of decorated envelopes. I addressed them to the people who work there, which included Lena. I have to type the name so that it will pop up when I do searches.

I did these in June which is when the Ellsworth Kelly stamps came out. I could probably do about 20 different designs based on a grid - or 50 -

As you may recall, Natalie is my contact person at the PO. I have been doing business with her for 20 years. If you do a search you can see other envelopes that people sent to her when I invited them to do so.

She was not a big fan of the Ellsworth stamps -- until I put up the display.


  1. Think I speak for everybody when I say
    we'd like to see the whole display!

  2. Each of the envelopes will appear on the blog and I will also post a photo of the whole display as soon as I find the photos. I might have to go down to the PO and take pictures again.