Saturday, April 20, 2019

Feb to Janet - Mini Flowers

 InstaGram has just as many cool images and ideas as Pinterest. The page at the bottom caught my eye and filling in a J seemed like a good idea. I used a Pentel Ceramicron - which is a technical pen rather than a marker. An 005 Pigma Micron would work, too. But the Ceramicron has a metal tip so it's sturdier.

It was fun and would be a boatload of fun to do more of it. I'd start by enlarging the inspiration image and studying the details more closely.

I was so sure I had put the IG name on the image so you could go see more of this person's work - but it is hiding at the moment. Hopefully, I will find it....

Here it is --- BHB just alerted me to the name in the corner


  1. Couldn't you trace the name with the watermark in the upper left of the bottom picture?

  2. well, I *could* - if I were not brain dead