Friday, October 12, 2018

Blue Lace Stamps to Maggie and Lynne

My pointed nibs and ink were pulled out for a small job, so it seemed like a good idea to work on some exchange envelopes even though I had finished July and it was two weeks out from the August sign up. I chose names of *old faithfuls* - people who usually sign up every month.

I generally have trouble with the gg combination in Maggie's name. And I had a big old splat with the nib which is why there are flourishy-doodles to disguise the splats.

Then I did Lynne's and then I looked for stamps. The lace stamps have been favorites but they do not always please me when it comes to the composition of all the elements. Two would have been fine. Three - not so fine.

At least Lynne's name gave me the vertical option. On Maggie's, I do not like the way the CT looks for Connecticut. Lynne's Connecticut is much better but the R might be the worst R I have ever made. My excuse is adequate - I did ZERO warm up. This was just winging it after months and months of not even touching nibs and ink.

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  1. I've always loved those lace stamps and wish I had saved some. My sister is a tatter, and I usually used them up on correspondence with her. Nice to see them again.