Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sneak Peek at June Exchange Envelope

A few days ago I wrote about going to the Beaverdale branch post office and finding a wonderful, helpful lady and pondered going back. My June exchange envelopes are chaotic and giving me fits. Mostly, I just want to be done with my vintage stamps - but I can't quite make myself not care what the envelopes look like. With some of them, I thought that creative cancelling would help them out. So, I ventured back to Beaverdale. The lady was not there. There were two men. One seemed 20-ish. The other seemed big, 40s or 50s - and all business. Talked fast - didn't seem like he would be into mail art. I had a package to mail. He reached over to grab my envelopes and I asked in a timid voice if he was OK with doing some cancels by hand. He said OK. And was reasonably interested in honoring my requests - as long as we did everything really fast. There was nobody else waiting behind me. I forgot to ask when the lady would be working. But, he might have gotten the wrong impression if I had asked about her. In some ways - it was an interesting experience to collaborate with someone who was a take-charge kind of guy. I'll probably be going back from time to time to see if I can run into the lady.

These envelopes aren't very interesting. Once again, I'd do a whole lot better if I pulled out the stamps first.

Chuck's would have been fine if I had left enough room at the top.
Faye's needs one more element. I thought a flurry of cancelations would be enough, but it  isn't.
Phillip's --- such beautiful stamps. I have enough for two more envelopes and I think I have an idea that I will like. Stay tuned.

I really like talking to all y'all in real time. But there is no way I can switch the blog to writing daily. I might have to just add bonus posts every time I have something to say that I want to say right away.....

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  1. I am new to your blog and love love love this post!