Friday, June 8, 2018

AprPTEX - set of 5

I needed to use up these stamps and thought the marker would work - figured I would layer - didn't like the color - tried gray - lapsed into temporary insanity and put the stamps on - thought maybe adding the addresses would help - chickened out on adding more layers...added an excuse on Stephanie's after I put the address in the wrong place....added a huge excuse on Janet's see below....(can't find the scan)

somehow they all seemed slightly OK as a group - but I didn't think I was going to post them on the blog....then decided they might look OK as a group...then figured out how to do the electronic scribbling.....almost blew a gasket figuring out where the file was on the computer....looked out the window to see it snowing on April only including these to illustrate that sometimes things don't work out, but I just drop them in the mail. The envelopes are super nice - so at least they feel good....

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