Tuesday, June 19, 2018

AprPTEX - Nevelson to Lauren

There are still a few Louise Nevelson stamps left. Louise's artwork always spoke to me. The using up of random stuff and the minimalism in her choices of colors. It would be great to have time to read more about her. The hat caught my eye because I am at war with my hair. We can't find a way to work together and I have been threatening it with a hat. I did find time to Google head covering - and
I did not realize how many options there are.
I don't even know where to begin.

Remember when I said I was going to start putting diary entries on my blog? Below is a diary entry. It has nothing to do with art or envelopes. If you like the blog for its brevity - exit now.

P.S. added in real time.
There are other people who are posting words of caution on their blogs. I am really annoyed with myself because someone on my blog roll (or maybe on Finn's) had a half-funny-half-sobering warning about being at an event - and there was dancing - and she thought, it looked like fun - joined in the dancing - but fell - and i do not recall the extent of her injuries - but it was enough that she was posting a warning about being realistic about whether or not your balance is in good shape. Does anyone recall reading that?

I have another warning. If you are young enough to travel and use Uber - figure out how to change your pin so that the GPS will have you in the right spot. If you do not do that and the Uber driver goes to the place where you were last dropped off - you might have a lapse in judgment and start moving too fast across streets that are too busy. Luckily, we made it. But...Oh.My.Gosh. I need to find out how to delete the location of my last drop off.

This is a diary entry. Note to self: Do something with the customized map for kids on trips idea.

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