Sunday, June 24, 2018

Exploding Pyrex from Lauren

If you search *Pyrex* you might find the conversations about how I took some Pyrex out of the oven, set it on something wet and had a big mess to clean up.

Lauren made my exploding Pyrex story look like a walk in the park when she told of pulling her brownies out of the oven and setting them on an electric burner - then accidentally bumping the knob that turned on the burner resulting in brownie encrusted shrapnel all over the kitchen.

Really nice lettering - one of my favorite stamps - Betty Crocker...
really nice envelope...and there is more....
a LePage cement card inside....

...and now I am hungry for brownies. Not just any brownies. Those German chocolate brownies with the cream cheese swirl. I miss the good old days when cookies, brownies, pies, etc were just part of everyday life.

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