Saturday, June 2, 2018

AprPTEX - Flowers for Bug

What happened yesterday?
The morning post was very late.
The past couple months have been chaotic. After June 15th, I am going to re-think how many things are on my proverbial plate. Don't worry - the blog is a main dish.

Hopefully people who are interested in exchanging - saw the post yesterday - and will sign-up.

Big thank you to Maggie for sending me an email - at first I told her that sign up was tomorrow - she replied that she was pretty sure that Friday was June 1st. Yikes. I am so far out of it....

This is the other *meh* one that I mentioned. I did not intend for those two lines to be in ink - I meant to use a pencil. Once they were there, I decided to just write out the description of the error.

And then when I did a wretched job of centering the city-state - I added hohoho to idaho - to center it.

I actually liked the idea of just adding a description to a problem. I just remembered that I have to backtrack and point out a wrong city that I left in.

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