Friday, June 1, 2018

June Exchange Sign Up

My mother's penmanship certificate from the 1930s
Sign-up for the June Envelope Exchange is June 1-4.
Lists will be sent on June 5 or 6

Please send your mailing address and email address to me at

Jane Doe (CARDS)
123 Main Street
Ames, Iowa 50010

I will respond that I have received your email.
If you do not hear from me - resend - sometimes new people end up in the spam box.

Beginners are welcome. Any medium is welcome. Since this is an envelope exchange you may send an empty, decorated envelope.
Or, you may enclose a card or note.
If you like to make cards - type CARDS after your name and the card people may exchange cards.

There have been problems with envelopes being returned to the sender. Please keep your addressing clear for the post office. Put your return address on the back and write it small and very high on the back.

It is nice to write - June PTEX and OPEN or EMPTY - to indicate whether it is empty or has an enclosure. Some people participate in more multiple exchanges.

Any questions- just email me.
You will get a list with 6 names, yours included.
Please send to the other 5 people by June 30th.
If you are going to be late - let us know.
Do not stress over the design - this is about fun, experimenting, and wabi-sabi.

Apologies for this being late - I can't read a calendar any more.

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