Friday, June 22, 2018

April Exchange from Angie + Warning + Diary

Pretty scroll tip marker lettering from Angie.

Don't miss the tiny little signature next to the n in Jean. It is her initials.

This one makes me want to pull out my scroll tip markers. Another thing I like about this one is how the address fits so neatly under the name. It bugs me when the street or city/state is really long. I like the shape that the five lines create.

Real time P.S.
Maybe this will work - whenever I have something to add, I just add it to the next previous scheduled post. Regular readers will know that they can skip anything beyond the ***** line.

Plus, I can add labels to indicate whether it is a [Diary] entry or a [Warning]

New WARNING today: buy one of those lanyards with the attached phone case so that your phone is on you at all times. You do not have to check Snopes, this really happened. My BigHelpfulBrother (BHB) was at home and heard someone pounding on a door. He investigated and found his wife, stuck in a room without her phone and the doorknob was broken. Apparently he needed some tools and had to dismantle some molding to rescue her. I guess you should have an emergency handyman service phone number in your phone. I have doubts that Mr. Wilson could help me if I needed help with a doorknob....because...

DIARY entry: For several years we had a simple screen door latch between the garage and laundry room that was broken. Recently my husband bought a replacement knob and planned on fixing it. First he asked me how I wanted it installed. One side had a knob and the other had a lever type handle. He wanted me to choose which side had the doorknob. I pointed out that the lever type handle had to go on the side of the door with a latch. He said, Duh.

Then he asked where the drill was and we reminded ourselves that it was loaned to the son who is the sweetest person on the face of the earth but keeping track of things is a bit beyond his skill set. I offered to take the door knob to my BHB and borrow his drill and the right size drill bit. BHB looks at the doorknob and points out that there are two sets of *thingies* that will fit through the holes in the door and you can move the *thingies* to adapt the doorknob to your door. Thank you BHB. I return to my house armed with knowledge and have the doorknob replaced in about a minute and a half. Something made me pick up the packaging from the doorknob. That something is called common sense. I am a big fan of reading instructions. On the back of the package is Step 1. Yes, let's make sure we note: THE FIRST STEP.... No. 1 - Determine the spacing of the holes on your door (or words to that effect). Step 2 - explains how to adjust your thingies.

Did I take the instructions in and wave them at the husband? No I did not. He does a ton of things that are really helpful and require his brand of intelligence and education. We know for a fact that every time there was a household catastrophe his dad suddenly had to go to a meeting. And that time that my husband had flames shooting out of the engine of his car his dad also took off muttering something about being late for an appointment. So, it's a genetic thing. And without getting into really disgusting things - Mr. Wilson deserves an award for the amount of child related discharges that he was willing to swoop in and clean up.

This story in not in the list of diary entries to pass judgement on anyone. It is a simple reminder to read instructions.

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