Saturday, August 13, 2016

re-run - popular pin - hannah

pinterest has a stat that TTBOMK
(to the best of my knowledge)
tells how many times an envelope has been pinned. i noticed that a different one from this series had been pinned 2.4 k times.

then i saw that this one had been pinned 5.3 k times.  now, i will be on a ridiculous quest to see which of my envelopes has been pinned the most.

of course, i am not even sure what a k is. i think it is a thousand. in jeanworld, a thousand would be a t - and a million would be an m. so my mathy readers can tell me why we use letters based on some other numbering system. or language - and - no, i do not expect to ever remember the order of those letters - k, m, what comes next? every time i need this info, i have to call the brother - oh, yeah, - g -

he rolls his eyes (i can hear his eyeballs rolling on the phone) as he patiently tells me for the umpteenth time. and then i ask him to name the 3 primary colors and he has to struggle with the info that is meaningless to him and then he grouses about the three primary colors for screens being different...and then we simultaneously hang up on each other. TMI. TMNEI. too much non envelope information.


  1. Jean-
    Have you considered stand-up comedy? It's far too early on a Saturday morning, I'm not fully awake yet, and you've made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the day-brightener.

    1. Yes, I secretly long to go to an open mic night - but I'm pretty much in my PJs by 7 PM. My alternative will be to post all my favorite stories on a blog. Wait till you hear about the paper clip incident....

    2. additional rant - last week i needed a backer upper for my newer mac - so big brother sent me to buy something - and said to get 2 terracottas. so i walked into the apple store and asked for 2 terracottas and i think i got the right thing. we shall see. big brother is making a house call next week to install it and try to teach me how the filing system works. i'll see if i can get a film crew in here. i'm sure me trying to learn how mount shasta works will be a laugh a minute...i don't think i have the right mountain...but it's one of those cool places in california. beverly hills?

    3. and another thing.....somebody is going to make a fortune by inventing nursing home level electronics for the baby boomers
      we are all addicted to our devices, but we are all losing our eyesight - and we will also lose our ability to grasp newer more complicated programs
      the need for electronics that will interface with the inter web - but in an elder-friendly something that we neeeeeeed to be working on.

  2. Jean...when you find your most pinned envelope (MPE), do post it. Maybe your brother has a mathy way of finding it.

    1. Sadly, big brother does not like Pinterest and won't go there. But, Ben Silberman, founder of Pinterest was a classmate of my daughter's. I could track down his mom and see if she could get to him and show me the way to see the list of pins in most-pinned order. Better yet - get his snail mail address from her and send him a piece of snail mail that would inspire him to help me on my quest....