Monday, August 8, 2016

2 green finns

the top one might have been on before with no stamp or details. i am still stack-cleaning. the bottom one should have had more but, i suspect i will have better ideas once i get all the half-baked ideas out the door.  i get so close to just pitching things that aren't done - but so far, have not been able to that.

top one was started when i was on the graffiti binge.
bottom one was testing white markers on dark envelopes to see which ones worked.


  1. Stamps on both of these are great. Love the graffiti....I should practise that more, in all of my spare time. Love the simplicity of the bottom envelope, do you remember what marker you used for the "phillip"?

  2. yes - it is the faber castle PITT artist pen - 101 - really large bullet tip. i loved it so much i bought a couple more. i used them on a couple exchange envelopes which will pop up in a while. LOVE them. not super opaque - but pretty good and dry faster than paint pens.