Friday, August 19, 2016

frozen envelope

i wanted to thank the reader who suggested that i freeze some of the peaches back when i was having all the peach problems. i appreciate good suggestions. first, someone has to help me understand how to plan ahead and eat the frozen food. i can put it in the freezer, but then it just sits there - and several years later, i throw it out. i guess i could reform. so, i will put some peaches in the freezer and see if i can remember to eat them before they have turned to dehydrated cardboard.

i googled frozen envelopes and i knew it would come up with a bunch of stuff related to the movie.
the whole little-girls-and-princess-thing is a topic i have to avoid. i was one of them - and i do not understand it. it must be some weird dna thing - to want to be the daughter of the ruler. too much work to be the actual ruler. and glitter. what's with the attraction of sparkles. are we related to crows.

clearly the coffee is too strong.

here is the site where the image was discovered

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