Sunday, August 21, 2016

guest artist - brad mc cormick

a few more guest artists until we get back to mostly new material. there was some recent negative progress on the getting-back-to-regular-blogging. but we are back on track. helpful brother took a half day to teach me computer skills [forward progress] - now i owe him 1.25 pies [time away from actual personal progress]

coffee break.
i posted another envelope by brad a while back
re-stumbled across him today.
lots of interesting stuff on his website.
he's a computer guy - for people who feel like they might not be traditional artists and might want to look at the ways computer guys make art.

gotta love someone who posts from *cloud 9*

a bit more about the BHB (big helpful brother). re FIXED the button panel on the garage door opened by putting in a new battery. it's been *broken* for years because wilson's had no idea there were batteries in those things, we thought they were hard wired. and then he deduced that my broken under cabinet light in the kitchen was just a burned out bulb. seriously, i don't know what's wrong with us. i am only mentioning this in case someone wants to step forward and take care of me. when i suggested that to BHB, he started backing away - with a panicked look. why do we need a k in paniced.  it looks fine without. and why aren't four, fourteen, and fourty all spelled with a u? WHY???? what's wrong with a little consistency?

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