Saturday, August 6, 2016

re-run from ruth

i have a ton of really nice mail from ruth. this is one of the all time favorites. love the lettering. love the layout. and once again - love black-white-red.

today is the last day to sign up for the august exchange - scroll down to the wednesday post to see the details.

pie report after the break - if the make-a-break feature wants to cooperate today.

pie report:
i did make the lemon meringue pie that i owed my brother for getting my scanner to work. i actually made two pies (my husband earned a pie for picking up a lot of the chores that my knee won't do. i'm thinking this whole knee thing might turn into a permanent disability. please don't tell him.)

warning - do not try to beat up 7 egg whites in a standard kitchen aid mixer. it turned out OK. but i think it would have been better to do the meringue in two batches. also- don't double the measurements in your head.
write them down....
remember in junior high, when they told you to measure everything and put it in little bowls so you aren't measuring when you are in the process of combining...that would have been a good idea.
then, i forgot to take a photo of the pie....


  1. I can attest to the fact that it's good to have everything measured before you begin. After the bread was in the oven, I saw the beat eggs in the bowl on the counter. Took the bread out of the oven, poured the batter in a bowl and added the eggs. Back in the oven. Doing clean up and discovered I used the wrong size measuring cup when I measured the flour. Sigh.

  2. if there are any readers who are younger than us, i hope they are taking notes.... i, too, left the 2T of milk, measured out and waiting - out of the banana bread yesterday. i don't think it was a critical ingredient. but, in the future, i shall position all the ingredients in a compulsive line-up on the counter top - and maybe that will work....