Friday, August 12, 2016

off topic - clothes

i think i posted a purse that looks like an envelope a long time ago. but i am pretty sure i have never posted anything about clothing. i like clothes but have never had time to build an interesting wardrobe. i have a bland, neutral pile of clothes that are a blank slate - with a couple interesting sweaters. i'd be a good candidate for vintage clothing, but again, no time.

i was surfing and came across a blog that amazed me with the number of items that were exactly my style. but all the clothes were these huge, oversized, items that you see on people who are at gallery openings. i refuse to dress like that, even though the clothes look comfortable.

anyhow, this is issey miyake from 1977 - and it reminds me of an envelope. it looks like the perfect coat to wear if you are going to be on a long flight, it would be a cozy blanket. or, if you were at any kind of gathering that was not keeping you awake, you could just excuse yourself and go take a nap.

note to self: incorporate more mail in your wardrobe. postage stamp pockets. anyone else have some good ideas?

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