Saturday, August 13, 2016

bonus post

new game to play with the morning coffee. go to pinterest. click on the first image of mail art. click on it. scroll down to see which other envelopes are there. see how long it takes to find one of mine.

one of my envelopes was no. 39
but 2 of the first 3 were envelopes addressed to me by my pen pals. alyce: you will be proud to know that your zen-dangle envelope was right there at the top.

point of game.
taking a different route so i stumble across things i have not seen before.
like this - which led me to a blog that sammiespencer started in 2011 and abandoned in 2012.
she's an author. did not say if this was her own idea or something she found.
i'm just posting it because the scheduled post today was a re-run of a re-run. this re-running idea is challenging as i have no way of remembering what's been reposted....good reason to get back in the saddle and only post new items, eh?


  1. This sounds like fun. I have been known to get lost in Pinterest-Land. I'll pin something and then visit the board that is shown as "also pinned on". I am always surprised when I see one of my envelopes pinned on someone's board.

    1. yup. when i look at boards that have at least 100 envelopes, it's almost certain that they will have at least one that links to my blog - could be one i sent or one i received

  2. Ha! I tried it. The 16th envelope was my Zen-dangle envelope to you! It was pinned 1K times!
    An envelope addressed to you was #62. I guess I have a ways to go to reach the big leagues. This envelope was pinned 13.2K times. I also found envelopes pinned 33.5K 34.3K times. :-)

  3. you have a plan/hope for when you'll post new envelopes?

    1. there will be a new envelope on tuesday - but, september 4th will be the return to mostly new posts.
      the tuesday envelope is a sneak peek of the series i did on the pet stamps. until sept 4th, there will be a mix of received mail and *guests* found during my surf time. i am currently scheduling posts for october and then in november, i will be posting all the december mail that i received in dec of 2015.

      in scheduling the october posts, i tried to return to guest artists on sundays and re-runs on saturdays. i think that will give me some structure. i have pondered the idea of having a weekly theme, with a new style to try. a new design idea. a new stamp inspired idea. a steal worthy idea that i remembered to go back and steal and then on friday do group posts of the mail i receive. it is hard to know if all that structure would be helpful or a headache. the fun thing about being me is that i can try anything and it never matters how it turns out. i generally learn from the things that don't work out.

    2. I'm happy to see that you're thinking about the future. I was crying in my coffee during the recent bad patch. Onward.