Thursday, August 18, 2016

guest artist - not an envelope

not an envelope artist, but i was very interested in the story of the artist. he is self taught during twenty years in prison. i ran across the article as i was researching drawing with wire because that dear brother of mine once made a cool bicycle sculpture out of wire and we were pondering whether more wire sculpture would be a good activity for him.

of course, i go researching and all it does is tantalize me - not sure that it is a good fit for him.

here was the wire artist i found that i thought might inspire him to make more sculpture.

a website called junk-culture. i could fall down that rabbit hole in a heartbeat. luckily, the new uber-disciplined jean is sticking to her mission.

i did take time to do a search for envelopes on the website and there are a couple. not good enough to save and post an image - but good enough to surf, if you need an excuse to do more surfing.

the following is just a personal note to my brother - the rest of you should get back to work:

and then...i went back for a little more surfing
and found this
which, dear brother, you should go see.
scroll down to the item where someone took an old airplane and made a "creation of visual and sound sequences that suggest the idea of interstellar travel, the audience flies to outer space in an intense six-minute trip, from departure and takeoff to the sighting of comets, planets, galaxies and alien worlds, until finally returning safe to earth." remember that time we were at the mall when my kids were little and put them in that cheezy ride where you got in some contraption that took you to outerspace and they were convinced they really went to outerspace and couldn't figure out why they were still at the mall when the ride was over and they came out of the cheezy little contraption.

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