Tuesday, August 9, 2016

re-run - popular on pinterest

one way to choose re-runs is to just look back in my albums and choose my favorites. another way is to notice the ones that are the most popular on pinterest. i see this one all the time. and i know i lifted the idea. hopefully, i will see the exact one that inspired it and be able to add it to the post. s-o-m-e-d-a-y.

i have a new label called FAQ about exchanges.
this will help me when i announce new exchanges.
i am frequently asked - do we use the same design on each envelope or is each envelope different?
answer: it is up to you. some people create one design and use it on all the envelopes. others do a different design on each envelope. i tend to start with one design and then let it evolve so that they are similar but not identical.

florence: the email with addresses for the exchange bounced. please send me an email that i can respond to and see if that works
i have heard from everyone else that they received their lists.

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