Saturday, September 27, 2014

zazzle bright liquid ink highlighters

back when i was still into buying stuff, i bought a set of highlighters that are pretty fun. they really soak into these bamboo envelopes and the colors are very bright. i didn't pencil, just used a jean-o-matic guideliner. and made up rather geometric shapes that implied letters. the 9 had a blob, so that line has some gel pen on the edges. i think this one would benefit from something else, but there is a good chance i will mess it up by trying. it suffers from being not relaxed on the first line, but then getting more relaxed as i went down the page. if you don't listen to anything else i recommend, listen to this.....before you start an envelope, grab a piece of cheap notebook paper and do one rough draft of at least the first couple lines, just to get your hand and arm loosened up. i am pretty sure that athletes do not just crawl out of bed and pull on the uniform and go directly to the first tee, or the pitching mound. i am am pretty sure they take a few practice swings or pitches. do not be lazy (like me) although, by making this completely avoidable mistake, i have created a need-to-be creative situation and i actually just had an idea that i like, so, maybe my convoluted be-lazy-then-fix-your-mess is a valid avenue. i'm pretty sure it won't be embraced by pitchers and golfers. but then, they are playing to win and we are only playing to avoid our daily chores. so, i have already won. dang, the coffee was just the right strength today. (i went back to proof read this a couple weeks after i posted it and i know what happens with this one and it ended up being one that i rather wanted to keep....)

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