Monday, September 22, 2014

wrought iron with shadow

while i was happy with the one to elizabeth that i posted a couple days ago, i kept looking at the colors on the stamp and decided to add some shading and really liked the addition. so, i did another one to jeri for an excuse to do more shading. any name with an R seems to work out nicely.

i've mentioned to several people that i don't even like the looks of this alphabet, what i love is the feel of making the shapes and then the adventure of writing the name without penciling it first to see if i can make the shapes fit together nicely. looking for interesting spaces and shapes.


  1. I agree, your shading really added another dimension to the overall look. Great envelope!


  2. thanks for commenting. i guess there is some value with spending too much time on a particular style. sometimes.

  3. I am impressed with the versatility of the wrought iron alphabet - looks very good in all the iterations you've done so far.